We’ll Get Through This, and Massie’s Massive Mistake

How do we get through the Coronavirus? A nurse gave very simple advice: “act like you have it.” Do everything you possibly can to not share your germs with others, because in so doing you will improve your own chances of not getting it if you don’t.

I also talk about Ben Shapiro and Thomas Massie, both of whom I respect, and their errors (on an entirely different scale) regarding this virus and the most productive approach. Unfortunately, and I do think it’s unfortunate, I think Massie ended his career in DC.

My Close Encounter with Coronavirus

As far as we know, the person who attended CPAC after becoming infected with Coronavirus passed his infection to no one while he was there. It nonetheless made for interesting times — for Senator Ted Cruz, who went into self-quarantine, and for… me.

In this episode we’ll discuss the media hysteria, the run on toilet paper, Sheriff Clarke’s unhelpful tweet and the real need to flatten the curve.

Pro-Choice, or Pro-Infanticide?

Last week the Senate tried to address two bills: the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act and the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act. Both failed on nearly party-line votes.

Although opponents claim the protection of children who survive abortions is unnecessary, the evidence clearly says otherwise. The Born-Alive Infants Protection Act of 2002 merely says that an infant born after an abortion is a human being, which allowed Kermit Gosnell to be convicted for first-degree murder. It does not prevent passive neglect. Do we really imagine those who wanted to practice “Partial-Birth Abortion” would be unwilling to see a child die on the birthing table?

See the Coalition for Jewish Values Statement on Abortion for the authentic Jewish view, which runs counter to what we frequently hear.

Bernie and the ADL: Dangerously Wrong on Anti-Semitism

Yashar Ali tweets about Bloomberg.com promoting Mike Bloomberg’s campaign; Ted Cruz makes a joke about Bloomberg controlling Bloomberg media; and Jonathan Greenblatt of the ADL goes after Ted Cruz.

But when Bernie Sanders slanders AIPAC in a flatly Anti-Semitic fashion, Greenblatt says nothing.

This is not new, as Greenblatt reacted only when Kevin McCarthy said something about buying elections, but not when Elizabeth Warren did precisely the same thing.

And don’t miss the stunning results when Ami Magazine asked Orthodox Jews whom they trust to fight Anti-Semitism!

The ERA Frankenstein Monster

In this podcast I discuss House Democrats’ effort to resurrect the Equal Rights Amendment nearly 38 years after its timely death.

Articles referenced begin with CBS News on the House vote and a Washington Post article from 1981 on the expiration of the ERA.

See also the DOJ’s guidance on the expiration of the ERA, and the outrageous outrage from the left at Ruth Bader Ginsburg, for having the audacity to put the law first, and her own ERA advocacy second.

It is clear that the ERA would force taxpayer funding of abortions, and give men a constitutional right to use women’s restrooms. This would exclude women from sports competitions and scholarships, because biologically a person who gets regular doses of testosterone through puberty gets an insurmountable advantage.

Requiem for a Partisan Impeachment

In this episode I dive into the partisan impeachment — and offer three reasons, all found in basic ethics and American jurisprudence, why it should never have happened.

Two previous articles are referenced herein, both at the Daily Wire:

Supporting The President Is The Moral Choice

The Impeachment That Threatens America

Episode #1: The New Podcast

This week I’ve launched a new podcast, called “Moral Heritage.” My goal is to share my thoughts on today’s issues from a perspective sourced in Jewish values.

In this episode I give a brief introduction, and then talk about the new Peace Plan.

I refer to:

Robert Malley and Aaron David Miller’s The Real Goal of Trump’s Middle East Plan

Jonathan Tobin’s Time for the architects of Middle East failures to be quiet

Rabbi Prof. Dov Fischer’s The Deal of the Century: A non-starter?

Rabbi Steven Pruzansky’s The Deal of the Century: Cautious pessimism


The Impeachment That Threatens America

One might have imagined that, with so much of world history behind us, we would have learned better than to search for an excuse to charge or convict another person. You would think that this was obvious. Put “charging political adversaries with imagined crimes” on a Jeopardy! board, and the question is: “What were the Stalin Show Trials?”