A Dishonest Caricature of Pro-Life

The way the left has tried to go after Amy Coney Barrett, an extremely well-qualified woman to serve as a justice on the Supreme Court, defies all standards of the Senate’s role of advice and consent. It even defies the “no religious tests” clause of the Constitution itself.

Neither ObamaCare nor abortion will define a fraction of Barrett’s time on the court, which could span nearly 40 years should her lifespan be that of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Yet the Democrats on the Judiciary Committee seem to care only about these issues. And when it comes to abortion, this is simply pushing judges to determine policy, rather than decide what the lawmakers intended — which is their role.

An article in USA Today even provides a completely dishonest caricature of the pro-life movement — while claiming it is the pro-life movement that offers “caricatures” of those needing abortions. Approached honestly, the pro-life movement’s descriptions are not “caricatures” at all, but those pregnancies that most Americans agree should not end in the taking of an innocent life.

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