Speech codes don’t fight bigotry, they nurture it

Officer Delvin White of the Tampa, FL police force was fired — for speaking to another black man, and about other black men, in a way that is common in the black community. Woke leftists should be outraged — but they’re not. This is because they have replaced the fight against racism with the imposition of ridiculous speech codes. And because he violated the speech code (in a way millions of young black men do every day), he’s out of a job. You can see the video of him arresting a trespasser, but there’s a language warning and not just for the N-word.

I don’t think it is any more fair that Meyers Leonard of the Miami Heat has been suspended for a week, and fined $50,000, for using the word “k*ke,” a slur which I, as a Jewish rabbi, am presumably allowed to use — but I won’t spell out lest some podcast platform decide to cancel me!

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