The Second Impeachment Show Trial, and AOC’s Panic Attack

As I thought it through this week, I realized that the Democrats are either terrified of the American voter — they don’t want them to have the option of choosing Trump, no matter how bad that would be for Republicans — or, alternatively, they know this is going to flop and they are hoping to use in in the future against Republicans.

I guess there’s a third option — they are so blinded by Trump Derangement Syndrome that they simply aren’t thinking rationally, which is as good an explanation as the first two.

And speaking of thinking irrationally, AOC had a panic attack in her office during the riots, which is nothing to particularly be embarrassed about. But then she tried to blame her panic attack on Trump, the rioters, and anyone who wants to tell the truth about where she was during the riots and how the media has lied about it.

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