Fox News: Biden’s address to Congress left anti-Semitism unaddressed. Why?

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We all expected President Biden to speak about hate in America during his first address to a joint session of Congress on Wednesday night.

He did not disappoint.

He talked about the murder of George Floyd, systemic racism, and white supremacy. He mentioned attacks upon Blacks, Native Americans, and women. He celebrated a hate crimes act to protect Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders.

This past weekend, in fact, provided Biden with an additional reason to discuss hate in America. Beginning Thursday night and proceeding through the weekend, four different synagogues and three vehicles were vandalized in a Jewish neighborhood in the Bronx. All were damaged in precisely the same way: smashed windows.

Every student of the Holocaust knows that the Nazis’ first wholesale, violent attack on Jewish property was Kristallnacht—the Night of Broken Glass.

Seeing it replicated in microcosm on the streets of New York traumatized the Jewish community, and gave Biden the opportunity to assuage its concerns with words of healing.

There’s one problem: he passed.

President Biden spoke about “the viciousness of the hate crimes over the past year,” but never mentioned the community that is, according to the FBI, overwhelmingly the most frequent victim. Given the small Jewish population of the United States, merely 2 percent of Americans, a Jew is several times more likely to be the target of a hate crime than all of those who earned Biden’s mention.

Could we imagine that President Biden would have said nothing if it had instead been four Black churches, or four mosques, vandalized last weekend?

Of course not. It would have been a leading element of his address, the centerpiece of his section on fighting bigotry.

For Biden to spend so much time talking about racism and hate in America, and to rattle off a long list of targeted groups—yet omit entirely the targets of multiple hate crimes carried out within the previous week—sends its own message: Jews don’t qualify as a targeted group.

Instead, Biden called for passage of a bill, the “Equality Act,” that would give state sanction to anti-Semitism. It provides a potent weapon to be used against anyone who dares to hold a Jewish wedding with a Mechitzah, a divider between men and women, in accordance with thousands of years of Jewish observance.

For Asians, Biden called for the passage of a new hate crimes act. For the more frequent Jewish victims of precisely the same random, violent assaults, he called to make their religious practices a violation of American statute… and to declare their Bible a bigoted document.

This is not entirely new. We did not have to wait for a joint session of Congress to wonder whether Jewish concerns were being ignored. One Biden appointee after the next has a track record of hostility towards the Jewish state and the Jewish people.

Biden placed Maher Bitar, whose animosity against the world’s only Jewish state is longer than his career, in charge of intelligence on the National Security Council.

As USAID Administrator he selected Samantha Power, the former U.N. Ambassador who, in 2016, architected the ridiculously anti-historical and obviously hateful UNSC Resolution 2334, which declared the site of the Jews’ Holy Temple, David’s city, the Mount of Olives, Judea and Samaria to all be “occupied Arab land.”

And as Deputy Assistant Secretary for Israel and Palestinian Affairs at the State Department, he picked Hady Amr, who responded to the neutralization of a notorious Hamas terrorist by decrying Israel’s “brutal murders of innocents” and implying that both Israelis and Americans deserved to be targeted in return. And this is by no means an exhaustive list of Biden appointees with similar records and attitudes.

Also, within the past week, dozens of rockets from Hamas terrorists have targeted Israeli towns, attempting to murder men, women and children indiscriminately for the “crime” of being a Jew trying to live on the Jews’ Holy Land.

Yet on Wednesday night, Biden claimed that “our intelligence agencies” not only regard white supremacy, biased thoughts, as terrorism, but “the most lethal terrorist threat today.”

The most frequent targets of terrorist threats would, of course, beg to disagree. But according to the Oval Office’s newest occupant, Jews aren’t a targeted group, after all.

CJV rebukes an ADL gone off-course

The ADL’s misguided attack on Tucker Carlson provided a real opportunity for the Coalition for Jewish Values to speak truth to power.

Our letter criticizing the ADL was picked up by the Jerusalem Post, and from there to numerous outlets including Mediaite, Breitbart and The Hill.

Notably, Newsweek took our statement to the ADL for a spokesperson’s response.

Rabbi Dov Fischer elaborated in an excellent op-ed in The American Spectator.

The Media Abandons Reality

In this episode I go through four stories from major outlets (the New York Times, ABC, CBS and CNN) that all abandoned objective reality in very obvious ways, in order to favor a partisan narrative. Each story is a lie, and each more ridiculous than the last.

The New York Times produced a hit piece on Georgia Republicans which — in the Times’ own conclusion — we learn is devoid of evidence.

Then Don Lemon of CNN was interviewed on ABC’s The View, and said we need to “present the true identity of Jesus, and that is as a black or a brown person… because we knew Jesus looked more like a Muslim or someone who is dark,” skipping out who Jesus obviously was — a Jew.

Not to be outdone, I contrast the selective editing by 60 Minutes of their question to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis with the full, unedited video of his answer, which revealed that every salient fact had been edited out by 60 Minutes in pursuit of their false narrative.

And then, finally, there is CNN, which stated that “biological sex” is a “disputed term” and that “there is no consensus criteria for assigning sex at birth.”

This unconscionable stupidity isn’t simply clearly contradicted by science, it can actually kill people. But CNN would rather tell its narrative, even if it actually costs lives.

Pharoah and the Woke Mob: A Passover Message

Egyptian Pyramids

The enslavement of the Jews in Egypt was a slow slide to tyranny, prompted by a woke mob. The ideas promoted by the mob today are no more rational than they were then, and the hateful themes are evident. Appearing more woke will prove no escape in the end — but God always wins in the end.

Speech codes don’t fight bigotry, they nurture it

Officer Delvin White of the Tampa, FL police force was fired — for speaking to another black man, and about other black men, in a way that is common in the black community. Woke leftists should be outraged — but they’re not. This is because they have replaced the fight against racism with the imposition of ridiculous speech codes. And because he violated the speech code (in a way millions of young black men do every day), he’s out of a job. You can see the video of him arresting a trespasser, but there’s a language warning and not just for the N-word.

I don’t think it is any more fair that Meyers Leonard of the Miami Heat has been suspended for a week, and fined $50,000, for using the word “k*ke,” a slur which I, as a Jewish rabbi, am presumably allowed to use — but I won’t spell out lest some podcast platform decide to cancel me!

Chris not covering Andrew Cuomo; CPAC and the Odal Rune


Chris Cuomo says he can’t cover his brother Andrew’s scandals, and immediately people pile on, as if it were inappropriate for him to have entertained people with interviews with his brother before. While I am no fan of either Chris or Andrew’s views, the propaganda sold as news on CNN, or the Governor of NY’s murderous policies or personal problems, I’m not buying it. Chris didn’t do anything wrong.

And neither did CPAC, no matter how many people frantically pointed to their stage design and called it a Nazi symbol. For them to be morally consistent, these same people have to condemn all Democratic donors. Listen to find out why.

More on the Equality Act, and Nadler leading the War on Religion

Constitution vs Nadler

Thanks to Jerry Nadler, I had to go back for a second go at the Equality Act. His comment indicated that he hasn’t read the Constitution, and even more, that he is entirely uninterested in the moral principles that built America as a bastion of freedom in the first place.

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